Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)




Duct DesgnAt JJR Services we pride ourselves on working closely with Clients, Consultants & Architects to produce HVAC designs for the retail sector to meet end user requirements for budget, aesthetics, efficiency and procurement of all aspects of Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

We can assist with planning applications, Building Control submissions, Incoming services applications, site surveys, preparation of scope of works, H&S, acoustic reports, odour control, Fire rated systems, sprinkler Installations, bespoke control panels & M&E services where required.

We produce Acad designs and drawings to assist with all of the above and provide design calculations to meet building control requirements with regards to L2 regulations.

Our Existing clients who engage us from initial idea stage through to complete installation include Ted Baker PLC, Burger King, Next, Firezza, Costa Coffee & Whitbread, with whom, we have worked with for over 18 years.

Ted Baker in particular have worked with us on ALL of their UK stores, as well as stores located in Ireland & France to ensure that the high standards we have set, are maintained throughout their units for now and in the future. The HVAC services we design & install are integrated at an early stage into their own award winning high end store design, without compromising on performance of the HVAC systems.

With over 25years experience in the industry, and with an enviable client base, JJR services can assure any new clients a close working relationship to benefit all involved.

To enhance our own design service, we can offer the client an Installation solution and FM package to ensure their services are Installed and maintained to high standards. (See our Installation & Service section).


hvacAlthough design is a big part of our business model, our qualified engineers and positive approach ensures that Installation of HVAC systems remains the main driving force behind our success.

We have trained many engineers over the past 20 years, most of whom still work with us (both on the books and as sub-contractors) so they are fully on board with us as directors & clients, and know therefore what we all expect.

We have trained ductwork fitters to become Air Conditioning engineers and vice versa, we have qualified electrical engineers, that are also gas registered and are qualified plumbers, so have multi skilled engineers, all qualified and all working with a positive attitude to get the job done which the retail environment requires.

Our existing clients have no concerns communicating direct with our on-site teams, they are very capable and have a very positive attitude towards clients, architects or consultants alike and make no fuss when changes or alterations are required, which form part of most retail projects.

Our Engineers have worked on various projects for all sorts of clients installing all of the disciplines required, these include:-

  • Ted Baker Retail outlets
  • Harry Potter World
  • The FA Academy, St Georges Park
  • Burger King Restaurants
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Premier Inn Hotels
  • Next Retail outlets
  • Rolls Royce
  • Tesco Retail Outlets
  • M&S Retail outlets
  • University Contracts
  • Large office block projects.
  • MOD Contracts
  • Air ort Contracts
  • NHS Contracts
  • Pizza Express Restaurants

With vast experience, a firm design and strong project management, we are renowned for our quality, speed, our positive approach which gives us the confidence to offer any new client a new experience when it comes to their HVAC solutions.


HVAC Service & MaintenanceThe highest quality Installations soon turn to substandard if the systems are not maintained and services to a high standard. Many retailers either don’t carry out any maintenance, but just rely on reactive call outs. On the opposite end of the scale some retailers employ large organisations who offer a complete solution on the surface, but are no more than an agency type company that employ engineers that don’t understand or have any experience of the majority of systems they are supposed to be looking after.

It is our intention to look after all our own Installations and at competitive prices so not to be prohibitive to the end user. It is our belief that preventative maintenance tied in with up to 7 year warranties save the end user money over the same period of time.

Maintenance is not only a requirement to uphold warranties of plant and equipment (most of which is very expensive), but it is vital when it comes to running costs and efficiencies. The running costs of a none maintained system is estimated to be 80% more over a 12 month period than a maintained system. Add to this the potential breakdowns, which would include leaks, faulty fans and compressors, all of which would cost into the £1000s, it soon becomes apparent that a none maintained system is a false economy.

For clients that want a one stop shop to facilities management, we can offer this also. Full management includes looking after all aspects of a store i.e. doors, lifts, alarms, M&E services etc and generally includes a complete preventative and reactive solution. We can offer guaranteed call out time, OOH call times, internet service report sheets and dedicated access to our service tool so you can track the progress of the contract.

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